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#1: Week of 10.29.2018


A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript's Prototype

[articles] | By Tyler McGinnis

Tyler McGinnis wrote a great one-page summary on JavaScript's prototype. It's a great back-to-basics refresher, and a great primary resource for new devs on the topic.

Making Sense of React Hooks

[articles] | By Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov wrote a article summary of his ReactConf keynote introducing the React Hooks proposal. Hearing it in the talk, and then reading it reiterated is a valuable way to learn -- I certainly appreciate it.

"Hope in Source": Making a Podcast for the First Time

[reads] | By Henry Zhu

Where Henry Zhu found the time to create a podcast, I have no idea. This post details every procedural aspect of his experience creating a limited run podcast with Nadia Eghbal, from the format, to the name, cover art, recording and editing process, and more. The premise of the podcast itself, Hope in Source, is really unique -- exploring the parallels between faith and open source software.


React Hanger

[tools] | By Kitze

A small collection of hooks (yes, already) for this experimental feature of React 16.7.

Developer Tea

[podcasts] | By Jonathan Cutrell

Made to "fit in your tea break" is something I can really get on board with. I've been enjoying these bite-sized episodes.


[podcasts] | By Anil Dash

A new podcast from Glitch, about "how technology is shaping culture and communications".


Gatsby Hacktoberfest Wrap-up

[writes] | By Amberley Romo

A wrap-up of our efforts during Hacktoberfest, including metrics, planning process, and lessons learned.