Howdy. I'm Amberley.

Front-end dev, bunny mama, knit nerd. Sometimes-tweeter.

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Getting started with GatsbyJS and WordPress

Earlier this week I began rebuilding my blog using GatsbyJS + WordPress. As I familiarized with Gatsby, I found myself flipping through a million tabs, and I thought it might be useful to summarize concepts and to aggregate links I found helpful. I recently decided to tackle a redo of my blog. I wanted to do something […]

The Road So Far Pt III

Exactly a year ago I posted The Road So Far Pt II. I now have two full years under my belt since undertaking this career pivot. I’m still not sure what I want these recaps to be, but I feel compelled to keep going now that it’s a pattern. 2017. 2017 was a “growth year”. […]

The Road So Far Pt II

Almost exactly a year ago, I first started writing about my pivot to working full-time as a web developer (aka The Road So Far Pt I). tldr; after dancing around the edges of embracing this career (in every possible way, for my whole professional life leading up to that point), it had become clear I wanted and […]